The Hills Have Aes Sidhe

A Promise is Made

Everyone goes to sleep except for Alexei. He attempts to strike up conversation with Roz to figure out what her deal is and why she's been "arrested." She's a little cold towards him, since he's connected to Valerie, but she'll answer questions, if a bit vaguely

Alexei: How about this? Let's say that I'm not a fan of self-important pricks who try to use people. And let's say due to this particular personality quirk of mine, I don't get along too well with Val, either

Roz: Good for you, she's a cunt. Unfortunately for me, I have to play nice. You see, she works for my father's law firm and he treats her like an adoptive second daughter, ever since I became the Black Sheep. He's the reason she's even un-alive. She was dying and her sire owed my father a favor. Gotta love politics.

Alexei: What's that got to do with you bowing to the Summer King and letting him put you in a cage?

Roz: haha, you really do have a problem with authority, don't you? It's Summer, we all bow to the Summer King. And Bartholomew is accountable for my bowing or not bowing, since I'm his right hand woman. I can't put him in hot water, he's done a lot for Shaw and me. So, I play along with this charade.

Roz: A little bird has been chirping in Alistair's ear about me… I know exactly which little bird that would be. He can think whatever he wants about me. I've done nothing wrong and I can sit around and wait for them the realize they've got nothing on me. It's not like I'm getting old.

Alexei takes a long drag on his cigarette, then speaks: If they wanted you out of the picture, seems to me that Papa Summer would just "find" something for you to have done wrong. I don't think the truth is going to slow him down.

Alexei: But what do I know, I'm just a two-cent pusher with incredibly good fashion sense.

He'd stand up and turn as if to leave.

Roz shakes her head: Not much I can do about it now. Escaping would fall under "doing something wrong." Hey, before you go…

Alexei cranes his head back in an exaggerated fashion.

Roz: Depending on how long I'm in here, I might need you guys to… Take care of something for me. Something time sensitive. Something very important. But it's uh… Hush-hush.

Alexei: What's in it for me?

Roz: Whatever makes it worth your while.

Alexei: Sounds important. And my while is worth a lot.

Roz: it's a simple thing, but I won't say what unless the time comes for sure. I just need to know if I can trust someone to get it done. Oh, and you can do it alone, you'll need one of the Changelings to go with you. So… Whatever you guys need.

Alexei: Right now, the only thing I need is Valerie out of my life. To just, you know, "live" without her bullshit bringing me down. If whatever "simple" favor you want will buy me that, I'm your man.

Roz: I can't trust anyone in the courts right now, obviously. And, if Shaw likes you guys, you must be okay. He doesn't like anybody. So, I need you guys or nobody's gonna go it and that can't happen. You need Valerie to disappear? I'll figure it out.

Alexei: Good talk. BTW, did Gnome Chomski let you keep your cell phone privileges?

Roz: I have my phone. He has my weapons.

Alexei holds out his hand for her phone.

She hands it over and says: Hey, you need to promise me you're not going to flake on me. A promise to a changeling is not something to be taken lightly.

Alexei punches in his number. "If I flake on you, its because I'm stoned into oblivion or dead…. Better give you Gerry's number too, then."

Roz: You're already dead. Which one's Gerry?

Alexei: The nerdy guy with the wolf problem.

Alexei: I think he just finished feeding someone their own entrails. You'd probably get along swell.

Roz: oh right. He's in the pack. Fits right in with the family. Good for Shaw to finally have someone his own age out there with him. I could tell he's been a little lonely since Zane went away.

Alexei: Well I sure as hell won't be babysitting him. Shoot me a text when you want me to "do the thing."

Roz waves him away: yeah, sure



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