The Hills Have Aes Sidhe

Game 4 Recap

Flip Journal Entry 2:

So it turns out that guy we found in a body bag has a name. A Dr. Thrussle – Anthropologist out of Toronto. Anthropologists have always been a great source of income for me with their fat research grants that require them to reach remote areas. Not the most exciting work but they pay the bills for sure. I need to remember to give him my card next time I see him. Connor picks him up as we are leaving to go meet Shaw. We pick up Shaw and head to a meeting at this old warehouse. Heat miser is there with a crew of 8. They pretty much demand that we hand over Shaw as a prisoner. He goes willingly but I slip him my phone so that we can track him. Meanwhile, Larry just disappears? I shouldn’t really be surprised by that kinda stuff. Heat Miser and crew take off with Shaw, so we do the sensible thing and head for cupcakes and beer as we use the Find My iPhone app to track their convoy.

They finally stop moving at an old Cement factory shorty before we get a call from Larry…who happens to be just down the Cement Factory. He was a stowaway onboard as the took Shaw away. He says that Shaw is very well guarded – definitely more than we can handle. We pick up Larry and head over to Bart’s where we are inducted into the Autumn Court. I also score these fuzzy dice that grant a boon to driving, sweet!

Next we are off to see Roz. While the fellas are talking to her, I head into the kitchen and make myself a sandwich. Then head into the garage. Sweet ass Rolls in there. I can’t help but wax the thing down a little. I also find a sledgehammer in that garage – might come in handy so I borrow it and leave a note. A call from Val comes in, she’s going to mess with Alexi’s father if we don’t dance. Off to our next location which is an hour away. We are to do the dance off there. Another one of those sunny tunnels that I remember from spelunking appears after Alexi jiggles the dreamcatcher he got out of this box. This might be my chance to get some payback on those sum’s of bitches that did this to me. Unfortunately it turns out that’s it’s just Shaw’s bigger half brother. He wants all of our Glamour in exchange for us getting to be a bunch of chumps. Our deal with the devil is made, he offers more favors but the fellas think it’s a bad idea to entertain – /shrug.

The drive to Alexi’s father’s place is 60 minutes – I do it in 30 minutes flat. Might have pushed the Jeep a bit hard, engine was running warm when we arrived. Hope we don’t need to leave in a hurry. Alexi bursts thru the front door only to find Sophie bloodied and tangled in these branches that grew right out of the floor. Far out!

Not a great time to be out of glamour, but no matter, I feel like I can harvest more now. I also feel twice as Wyrd as I was when I woke up this morning.



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