The Hills Have Aes Sidhe

Game 5 Recap

Flip's Journal Entry 3:

Picking up from my last entry, we found Sophie trapped in a bunch of branches that seem to have spontaneously grown out of the the house itself. Alexi’s father was in the back room unconscious. I gave him a quick once over – he seemed to have a concussion. Alexi interrogated Sophie for a while and ultimately threatened to kill her by opening the blinds as the sun was about to come up. He needed to get back to basement, so he took off and left us to do the cleanup work. We weren’t really sure how or what would kill a vampire, so we did some experimentations. She tried to get in Larry’s head so we ducktaped her head to toe. As the sun came up she started to smolder. She was fussing a lot and taking a long time go so I dispatched her with my new sledgehammer.

Vampire killing is hungry work, so we headed to Ambrosia Diner for breakfast. I managed to grab some glamor off the waitress, but it was really kind of pitiful. I really need to work on that. While we were eating, Heat Miser calls from my phone. He says something is going down with Shaw and if we want to see him alive again, we might see about infiltrating a secret meeting of the kings at the gym that night.

We hit the sack for the night, I wake up early for a run and some pull-ups. I swing by to pick up Alexi and then meet everyone over at Larry’s bar. We all then caravan it over to the shitty bar that used to be Martin Van Buren’s house. Larry and Alexi are able to sneak into the meeting, so the rest of us just cool our jets and work on recovering more glamor. Why is it always shitty bars? This town needs more cupcake shops, or maybe a nice Jamba Juice.

Soon we see Shaw bust through a boarded up window and head into the woods at max speed. Larry says that they tried to kill him with a silver fence post, he want all red rage – killed two guys, and ran off towards his happy place. He’s leaving a pretty obvious trail so we follow in the vehicles to try and help. We find him wounded in the back of a cave. I’m able to get him patched up enough to move him but we are set upon by that same asshole that shot him in the first place which we later encounter outside that shitty bar. I summoned up that same rage I felt when i finally defeated that walking suit of armor in the Other Place and was able to crush his melon like ….. a melon, we didn’t even break a sweat – loser. This sledgehammer is pretty sweet, but I miss my bat. Larry says a guy named Daniel can probably hook me up with something custom. Need to look him up.



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