The Hills Have Aes Sidhe

Flip's Journal: Entry 5

So, this is the morning of the Great Hunt.  I was looking forward to tracking down that True Fae, sadly, it wasn’t meant to be.   We started off our day with a meal down at Ambrosia’s Diner.  A single stack of 85 pancakes to get things moving.  Fueled and ready for ass kicking, we head down to the designated meeting location for the beginning of the festivities.

Double surprise move by King Bart.  First, he has no cupcakes at the event.  Second, he declares the target of this hunt is none other than Roz!  Everyone sits around staring at each other, kind of shocked.  Bart continues by giving her a 3 minute head start.  Roz disappears into the wind – and I mean that literally.  I’m not sure if she turned into wind or leaves or what, but she just vanishes.  Pretty trippy. 

My crew and I huddle up to determine our best course of action.  Roz was a crazy psycho who has done some exception bad shit of late.  Clearly Bart was over her shenanigans, but none of us had any desire to hunt her down.  We decide to along with this hunt thing, but to drag our feet.  Let some other bunch of heroes be in the first wave.  Hell, if we’re lucky we’ll go in the wrong direction and not even be forced into making a decision.

We had noticed Ryan eyeing Roz and really gotten a bad feeling about what was being left unsaid there.  Gerry ends up tailing Ryan towards the mountains and somehow, despite trying to avoid it all, we end up smack in the middle of the action. 

Gerry and Ryan are having a few words while the wind picks up and the leaves begin to rustle.  I decide it’s best to try and diffuse the situation when it starts to hail – I guess that might be a problem for people who don’t have stone skin.  While Ryan and Gerry are talking, Ryan just start shooting fire off into the middle of nowhere.  Weird time to just be showing off, but hey, I can do that too.  I pull out some of my best moves, pretty sure everyone is wicked impressed.  All of a sudden, all hell breaks loose. 

Something is wailing on Gerry, Ryan, and I.  Gerry then attacks Ryan!  Gerry – bad dog!  Ryan totally saved my bacon, Imma have to try and separate these two before someone gets really hurt so I grab a hold of Gerry and restrain him.  Roz keeps up her attacks, but with every action, I can feel fresh reserves of strength course thru my veins.  I let go of Gerry and try to get between the three of them to settle things down.  Too late – I see Ryan go limp and start bleeding.  A red curtain drops on my vision and I pretty much lose all sense of control.  I’m on top of Roz with my trusty sledgehammer, Lucille and start landing blow after blow.  Joey has had enough, he walks right up to Roz with his double barrel, puts it right to her head and pulls the trigger.  Game over man, game over.

Gerry is still looking a little crazy, so I pin him against a tree until he settles down.  I’m feeling pretty confused at this point.  This is not how I imagined this day would go.  Lost in thought, I’m snapped out of it when a much calmer Gerry asks for a protein bar.  Of course, who’s a good boy!

Dazed over these events, we make our way back to Bart’s place.  He is ecstatic.  A celebration ensues – this is all too much.  I need a vacation…Nashville?



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