The Hills Have Aes Sidhe

Flip's Journal: Entry 4

Dear Journal, it's been too long.  Where do I even start, so much has happened over the past few days/months.  I still struggle to understand how the days we spent in The Hedge have translated into months back here in the world.  As always, onward and upward.  My crew of misfits and I have found ourselves at the center of a torrent of bad news.  I decided to cut loose the captive we had captured and tied up in the trunk of the car.  I have no stomach for such violence.  Jerry has placed some tracking mechanisms on his devices so that we can follow him, if need be.  Jerry's a good boy.  This weird bird continues to taunt us, our attempts to capture it have been fruitless.  We'll need to pay close attention to this thing – it's unnatural.

We decide to start the day with a hardy lunch at Frank Guido's Port of Call.  We also call Bart on the way over and ask him to meet us there.  Time to put our cards on the table and see where we stand.  The rib eye, while not the best, was ideal for a man size meal – best lunch I've had in a while. Bart arrives after we are done eating and are eyeing a boat across the dock.  (we actually got a nice deal on that boat and bought the thing while we wait).  We fill him in on the latest in the mixed up world in which we have found ourselves.  He is interrupted by a call from Roz in which he states she will need to pull double duty, but will not need to coordinate the 'ash run' this year.  Bart later explains that this Ash Run is also known as The Great Hunt, will is schedule to happen very soon, weather permitting.  We seed the idea with him that a certain True Fae, of Joey's acquaintance, would make an ideal target.    Meanwhile, we have some time to kill.

Not having another plan, we decide to track down where our witch hunter has ended up and pay a visit.  He's gotten himself to a hospital and has a colleague standing guard.  I've been reading this book by this guy, umm, Chuck Hagakure, I think.  It says that the way of immediacy is best and that anyone who is truly baller, will dash in headlong – so that's exactly what I do.  Jerry helps sniff the guy down and we bust straight into his hospital room.  I use a little of my razzle dazzle and  give him a stern lecture on protecting citizens, and being part of the solution instead of the problem.  I'm exception exception in that endevour – these guys are all ears.   Jerry backs me up with more smarter sounding words.  Then Joey finally comes in and convinces the guy that he's like a superior or something.  Must have worked out, we totally steam rolled these guys – After conferring with a superior they will be helping us track down this True Fae chick.

Time to retire to our new boat for libations and entertainment.



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