The Hills Have Aes Sidhe

Game 3 Recaps

Flip Journal Entry #1.

Starting a new journal today as it seems my old life is over. The reality of this unreal situation was too much at first, but I know now that this isn’t a dream. I’m not creative enough to come up with batshit crazy circus that has become my life. What’s done is done, i’ll not make the same mistake as with my ball playing career and waste years of my life trying to cling to something that is gone forever. Life is an adventure and it’s time to start on the new one. My marching orders were clear, step one was to eliminate my doppleganger. Gladly. That fuck better not have jacked up my vehicles. We are also told to go pick up this lady named Roz and deliver her to some gated community. Oh, and there are people trying to kill us? No problem, got this. I’d like to get some food, but there isn’t time.

Only i didn’t, that doppleganger turned out to be literally a piece of rock. You’d think that would make for an easy target, sadly I was captain wiff. Good thing boys at the club house didn’t see that – i’d never hear the end of it. With some amount of trouble, we are finally able to dispatch the thing.
* note to self, add more work to the fast twitch muscles next time at the gym. Must be slowing down a hair. There’s no food in the house, i’m still hungry.

Next we all caravan it over to pick up Roz. I took the black 2003 LJ Rubicon, it seemed to drive ok, maybe pulled a little to the right, will check the tires when i fuel up next. Arriving at Roz’s place – she seemed to think there is some kind of game being played. I don’t pay to much attention, need to check over my ride to make sure it will perform when it needs to. Oil needs to be changed and the winch was last stowed while still muddy – not cool.

The talk soon turns to dealing with these hunters that are in town. Roz agrees to help, but doesn’t really do much. Joey and Alexi put out some feelers and we track down guys to a dive bar. The wolfguy, Gerry (holy shit? Werewolves are real too?) Larry and I wait in the woods to jump these hunter types. The rest of our crew goes inside. The sea captain agreed to hook me up with some wings – he later stiffs me. I’ll remember that. Side note – i’m always hungry now, all the time. Larry steals some stuff from their nearby hotel room, then tries to stab one that came out to smoke – didn’t work. I’m still hungry. The other guys come from around back with one of the fellows all doped up. There is someone else who appears to still be alive but unconscious in a body bag. We hightail it out of there.

We head back up into the hills with our prisoners. We question the drunk guy for a while who admits to having been working for a local vamp. This is also the guy who apparently shot that Shaw dude. Gerry wolfs out and rips out the guys intestines – which reminds me, i’m still hungry. I go upstairs to order some Dominos. Alexi is on speakerphone talking to someone who sounds pretty upset, all the ruckus made it much hard to order my wings. Dominos shows up 75 minutes later. Finally!



siamo di uovo sveglio. Non so perché, ma siamo. sposto un po 'più lento di oggi. tutto è più confusa di quanto mi piacerebbe.
Sono ancora un po 'confuso da parte dell'equipaggio. esigenze jeepman aiuto con la sua auto roccia. bene. andiamo. cerchiamo di farlo. lui è grande. rockman non si sbriciola facilmente. alla fine lo abbiamo polverizziamo con una certa soddisfazione.
Roz è richiesto, non so perché. guardiamo per lei con un certo successo, ma lei guarda soprattutto come andiamo a lavorare. Ho potuto menzionare i inciampato stoneyman?
abbiamo anche un vantaggio che ci porta a B & B, io sono felice di obbligare, la folla è pieno di clienti abituali come me ad eccezione di due shiftys. noi li prendiamo in fretta, si attaccano fuori come golette tra skiff.
furcoatman e ottengo birre. birre Heineken. e colpi. sfidiamo le golette a giocare a biliardo che va bene solo. vincono i colpi.
Ho consegnato loro l'alcol, un pensiero perniciosa scorre attraverso il mio cervello e attraverso il vetro. Sento l'odore del whisky, una volta prova di ottanta dall'altra parte della stanza. la sua non è più whisky. sua la elixr. mi non chiedere cosa il elixr è chimicamente, ma come la pornografia alla corte suprema, so che quando la vedo.
Solo si cade preda di elixr, che non ha senso. Ognuno si innamora di elixr. Abbiamo riportare inebriotto al bar a casa. Egli non riesce a rispondere alle domande. Mi stanco della sua schivare e bastone un sacco su di lui, mentre versando la mia ultima birra sul viso. Lo stolto pensa che sta annegando. Non sa niente di annegamento.
Egli vapori verità come espresso lasciati nella notte.
Perché è coinvolto valerianna?


we are awake again. I do not know why, but we are. It moves a bit 'slower than today. everything is more confused than I'd like.
I'm still a bit 'confused by the crew. jeepman needs help with his rock car. good. let's go. let's do it. he's great. rockman not crumbles easily. eventually we pulverize with a certain satisfaction.
Roz is required, I do not know why. look for her with some success, but she looks especially as we go to work. Did i mention i stumbled stoneyman?
we also have an advantage that leads us to B & B, I'm happy to oblige, the crowd is filled with regulars like me except for two shiftys. we take them quickly, they stick out like schooners between skiff.
furcoatman and I get beers. Heineken beers. and shots. we challenge the schooners to play pool which is fine only. winning shots.

I handed them the alcohol, a pernicious thought runs through my brain, and through the glass. I smell the whiskey, once proof of eighty from across the room. its not more whiskey. Its the elixr. do not ask me what the elixr is chemically, but like pornography to the Supreme Court, I know that when I see it.
Only one falls prey to elixr, that makes no sense. Everyone falls in love with elixr. We bring inebriotto the bar at home. He can not answer questions. I get tired of his dodging and stick a lot about him, while pouring my last beer on the face. The fool thinks drowning. He knows nothing of drowning.
He truth as expressed vapors left in the night.
Because it is involved valerianna? What?



So I make it back into town and head over to Shaw's place to find everyone missing and a weird blood stain in the basement. Smells like Alexei and…rabbit? Whatever, didn't one of these guys own a bar?
I check the bar but no one is there although there is another weird bloodstain that smells of Alexei on a brick wall out back. Shaw calls to tell me he is at his place and is going to pass out; also to remind me I already have Alexei's number, duh. I call twice before he picks up.
When I get to them they have found another one and are all excited to go take care of his doppelganger. I really need to talk to Bartholomew who, incidentally, comes out of whatever building they were all in to ask us to pick up Shaw's mom and bring her somewhere. Of course he did. Good thing new guy's place is on the way.
Turns out his double was made of solid fucking stone. I'll give you two guesses as to how well teeth and claws do against that. After a couple of minutes of all of us just beating him with whatever is handy he crumbles into pebbles. There's no burning this stuff so we all take a little and scatter it on the road as we drive to Roz's.
Roz is one hell of a paranoid lady. And hot; like way younger looking than she should be. 
We pick her up and I ask her to tag along. She rolls her eyes mostly and gives about as much information as if I asked the seat she was sitting on. I guess that's where Shaw gets it from. We head back to Shaw's to find him passed out on the couch covered in bandages, one of which Alexei picks up and starts sucking at (blecch!). 
Between Alexei, Larry, and Joey we find out the Hunters are staying at a Bead & Breakfast somewhere out by Grandma's place and head over. Alexei, Frankie, and Joey head inside to see what they can see while the new guy, Flip, Larry, Roz and I stay outside to try and get into their room. I look up and Larry has already broken in and Roz is nowhere to be found. 
Larry comes back with a couple of backpacks. Flip and I disassemble their weapons and toss the ammo and parts as far as we can into the woods. We can't use them now, but neither can they. Larry says there is some guy drugged up in a body bag in the room as well. What the fuck is going on here?
Alexei keeps texting me from inside the bar, giving me a description on the Hunters. Apparently the big blonde one, Christian, is regular human and they get him wasted. The other dark haired one leaves them to go smoke outside and I get my first peek at him.
It's everything I can do not to revert back to the scared little high school kid and go run and hide. He's a wolf alright, the one that killed Nelson. He looks average, dark hair, not much taller than me, but mother moon he reeks of power. He comes outside, lights a cigarette, and looks right at me. Since he knows I'm here I figure I might as well put on a brave face and not let him know how scared I am.
We trade some words, I try to lure him into the woods where my friends are and he laughs in my face for it. I don't piss myself. We both know we aren't going to go at it in a public place so I start to walk away when I see a wisp of shadow materialize right behind him. Oh fuck, it's Larry, and he just stabbed him in the head. Wolfman looks at him scornfully and just fades away. I didn't even have time to react. Oh shit.
Alexei is telling me to get the car, they have his blonde friend. I scramble my brains to find somewhere this fucker can't get us in the night now that he has my scent. I figure if anything Bart would know something and now that Roz is back (out of fucking nowhere mind you) we decide to just take her there. Bart lets us in and doesn't seem at all to mind that I want to torture someone for information. 
The blondie, Christian, was paid to bring the guy in the bag to someone at Silhouette. Turns out it didn't need to be this guy, just any wolf in particular. So he's been hunting wolves, and they decided to kill one of my pack for fun even after they'd already finished their hunt. It's too much: Nelson, these body double things, the Wolf from earlier, this fuck is hunting us, hunting MY pack. He needs to die screaming so I make sure he does. 
I'm shaking after I walk back upstairs to find Alexei on the phone with Val. Turns out she was the buyer. He talks some shit to her and hangs up. Bart tells me he'll take care of cleanup, keep the guy from the bodybag secure and gives us a safe place to rest as long as we don't tell Shaw his mom is imprisoned. Seems a small price to pay; I've been up for about two days straight so I don't think twice about agreeing. Gods I need sleep.



 I have a blues song in my head
It's all about being your back door man
Beer and a shotgun

Frankie is crawling on the floor
And I confess to feeling a little tempted
Beer and a shotgun

The unholy racket comes to an end
I am still standing by the back door holding
Beer and a shotgun


Flip is free and Jeeped
And we're heading somewhere to pick up
someone that someone that someone knows
Another strange woman with an attitude
They haunt me
Do they haunt everyone?


Werewolves are being killed
This is a bad thing
At least someone is very upset about it
And he's on my team
And that's most of human history
through the medium
of bad poetry


I know this town and a few calls gets us the the information we need. Targets acquired at the motel bar. Now it's time to be cool. I believe in the magic rising within me and it's time for it to be unleashed.
I am an utter failure. I am nothing. An unlovable freak.
So we drug the dude, kidnap him, torture and murder him.
I have no idea who the hell he was and that's OK.
Tomorrow I have to go to work. Or find a shrink. Or stay in bed all day. 
Instead I expect madness.



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