The Hills Have Aes Sidhe

Shaw's Confession

As you carry Shaw back to the car and start driving, he is much more talkative than normal. It could be because all of the metaphorical cats are out of the bag and there's nothing left to hide anymore, or possibly because you've saved his life twice today. Likely a bit of both. He tells you yes, his father is one of the True Fae and was his mother's Keeper. However Shaw is human (he couldn't be Uratha if we weren't human) and Cold Iron doesn't have any special effect on him. The only thing he has to show for his Fae parentage is the ability to use a Contract or two to a minor extent and he can see Changelings for what they really are. It's the same deal with his half-brother, Zane. Further details about how they came to be can be obtained from Roz or from Zane's mother Rowan, if you really want to know. Shaw is fuzzy about the details though he knows it didn't happen by the conventional means.


Him being a Keeper's bastard is something people knew but never talked about. He didn't want you to know because he didn't want you to fear him.


As for the murder accusation, that's true too. It's a long story, but Shaw gives you his confession:

“It was… 6 or 7 years ago. I had just got home from school and Mom had just got the dental bills for some kid who thought he was real funny so I introduced his face to his locker door. I had just gotten in trouble for breaking some other guy's nose too so Mom was real pissed. I got in a lot of fights that year. I think Mom had to pay somebody off to keep me from being expelled. I just remember being angry all the time. I didn't go around starting shit with people though, unless you count messing around with other guys' girlfriends… I guess that does count. Whatever, that's not the point here. The point is if anybody said or did anything to me, I answered them with my fists. Mom and I got into a huge argument about it.

“At the time, my mom was seeing this guy who was really old-fashioned. He seemed nice and all but he also had pretty strong opinions about how women and children ought to act. Like, I'm pretty sure he wasn't comfortable with the fact that it's okay for women to wear pants. He was another Changeling, a Summer Courtier. He was Taken a long time ago, that's why he was so old-timey, and he had just escaped. He was there that day.

“I was leaving, going somewhere to cool off, when I overheard them arguing about me. I opened and closed the front door to make it sound like I left and then waited in the hallway and listened. This guy blamed my mom for everything. He didn't approve of the way she raised me, said she was too lenient, didn't discipline me right or enough and that's why I acted up. You see, as soon as I was old enough to fend for myself, maybe 12 I guess, Mom let me do whatever and come and go whenever I wanted. I spent most of my time outside, had dinner at Zane's mom's house, came home late every night. Mom didn't mind, it meant she didn't have to be too bothered with me. She was busy all the time, between working for Barth and the Vanguard. This guy acted acted like it was the craziest thing anybody could do. He wanted to send me away to military school or give me the belt himself to teach me some respect. Ha, right.

“Anyway, the thing you've gotta know about my mom is she doesn't take it very well when you try and tell her what to do or tell her she's wrong. There's no way she'd sent me away, she sure as shit wasn't gonna let this asshole whip me, and she was still all riled up from fighting with me so she had an extra colorful way of telling this guy to fuck off. That's when I heard this loud crack and then they got quiet. I ran into the room to see what happened. Side of mom's face was all red, he'd slapped her, hard. I don't think he really hurt her, I think she was more surprised than anything. She started crying though. He opened his mouth to say something. Maybe apologize. Didn't matter.

“The next thing I remember, I woke up at Grandma's. Connor gave me the same Welcome to the Family speech he gave you, Gerry. But I didn't need anybody to train me how to fight, Connor only taught me how to control myself. When I was finally allowed to go home, well… it didn't take me long to figure out why mom acted like she was afraid of me. She didn't break up with her boyfriend, I killed him, ripped him to pieces right there in the kitchen. If it weren't for her Contracts, I'd have killed Mom too.”

Shaw is staring out the car window, eyes glassy. You're not sure if you really needed to hear this story or if Shaw just needed to tell it. He takes a minute before he finishes.

“Barth said nobody would ever find out. He'd got rid of the body, made up a story. Couldn't have been too hard to cover up. Anybody the guy knew before he was Taken was long dead. Nobody left to mis him but his Court. Liam, the Summer King back then, he must've either known or been lied to.

“Connor said it wasn't my fault… But he'd say what happened tonight wasn't my fault either. I'm supposed to protect people. What kind of protector am I if I lose control and kill people? What Honor is there in killing someone and not taking responsibility for it?”

Shaw falls silent again. He's looking rather tired and pale from the pain and blood loss. He probably shouldn't be doing all this talking anyway. You think it's best to let him rest.



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